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There are many places to visit in Castel Gandolfo and in the surrounding area, from historic landmarks and archaeological still a route between nature and typical tastings.



Castel Gandolfo, colloquially Castello in the Castelli Romani dialects, Castrum Gandulphi in Latin) is an Italian town of 9037 inhabitants of the province of Rome, in the Castelli Romani, in Lazio. The town is part of the circuit of the most beautiful towns in Italy.


The city (sometimes incorrectly labeled as Castelgandolfo) is best known for the presence of the summer residence of the Popes, which encircle many other summer residences, villas and cottages built in the seventeenth century. Its territory includes almost the whole coastline of Lake Albano, which houses among others the Olympic Stadium Rowing CONI.

There are also many places of archaeological interest, including examples are the emissary of Lake Albano and the remains of the villa albana of Domitian, and natural, since the area is included in the scope of the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Finally, there are points of artistic interest, such as the collegiate papal St. Thomas of Villanova, built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Pontifical Villas and Vatican Gardens


The Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo include the Papal Palace, the Villa Cybo and the Palazzo Barberini.


The Papal Palace is the Pope's summer residence, was commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in the seventeenth century and built by architects Carlo Maderno and Bernini in Liberty Square. The palace that dates back to 1660, rich in works of art, has three chapels and several lounges including the Halls of the Grooms, of Bussolanti and Noble Guard. The Papal Gardens with an area of ​​55 hectares, covering the entire Pontifical Palace. Liberty Square, since 1661, was also enhanced by the majestic fountain built by Bernini.


The Villa Cybo became part of the complex of the Pontifical Villas in 1770. The interior has a large room for general audiences and is linked to the complex the Vatican Observatory, an important astronomical observatory. The gardens of the Papal Palace are also connected with those of vicinaVilla Barberini. Of particular interest is the Fountain of Washerwomen whose name comes from the two female figures who wash clothes in the tub.


Villa Barberini, built by the nephew of Pope Urban VIII Maffeo Barberini, became part of the Pontifical Villas in 1929. E 'consists of two parts, one that overlooks the sea, the other on the lake. Within the environment of the Villa, you reach the charming Magnolia Garden.


The Gardens are a place of rest and meditation of the Roman Pontiff since 1279, when Pope Nicholas III (Giovanni Gaetano Orsini, 1277-1280) moved the papal residence from the Lateran to the Vatican. Within the new walls, which he had built to protect his residence, he planted an orchard (pomerium), grass (pratellum) and a real garden (viridarium), as can be seen from the epigraph stone now preserved in the Hall of the Captains at the Palace of the Conservatives in the Capitol. This first unit was built near the hill of Sant'Egidio, which now houses the Belvedere Palace and courtyards of the Vatican Museums. The area where today begins a visit to the Vatican Gardens is located instead in the newest part of the state, on which were built new large gardens that, together with those of the original core, covering about half of the 44 acres on which extends the Vatican.

Castelli Romani


Visit the Castelli Romani is the best way to discover the unspoilt beauty and scenic villages in the vicinity. The Castelli Romani offer a landscape rich in nature,

place of excellent traditional cuisine with authentic dishes and famous wines. Meeting place of history, nature, food and wine, starting from the famous Ristorante Bucci with breathtaking views of the lake to the Fraschetta Alfredo, the singular and characteristic restaurant on the main street  Arte e Vino, Borgo Antico, Il Grottino, Lo Spuntino, La cruna del lago, Amici del Gusto, SOr Capanna and many other taverns and hosterie of downtown area. Get more Information

Arte e Vino

Arte e Vino

Arte e Vino


ALFREDO verdure glirigliate





BUCCI tagliatelle galletti

BUCCI rotolo nutella

BUCCI paccheri ai fiori di zucca


BUCCI trofie gorgo pere



Wine Tours

Food and Wine Tourism


Organize a food and wine tour is not just visit the wineries, but consists of a journey through the flavors and aromas of the best wines bound to this land. A convivial moment is ideal for meeting the needs of the most experienced and those that are not and offer moments related to the tasting of wine quality. You will also have the opportunity to have lunch in the cellar: between the barrels, the wines and flavors of this earth, will be an unmissable opportunity to discover closely the secrets of this precious tradition.

Visiting wineries selected, you will meet the workers of the vineyards, participating in tastings with expert sommelier to which you can ask questions and curiosity about wonderful local wines: it will be a unique journey to discover wine and places from which it originated.

A food and wine tour to discover the most characteristic flavors of this earth: you can have lunch in one of the many local restaurants overlooking the lake and taste the typical dishes of the place.

Among the typical products of Castel Gandolfo, the cheeks of canonical, typical local peaches, and lattarini, lake fish and, among the wines, we remember the wine DOC Colli Albani and the Frascati Doc.

Excursions on the Lake


The countries in the vicinity of Lake Albano all deserve to be visited because very scenic. A mini cruise on Lake Albano or carriage ride in the woods of Vivaro are ideal to capture the beauty of the place.

For sports lovers, the area is also full of trails for pleasant walks that allow you to enjoy unique views truly spectacular. On the lake you can enjoy sailing, canoeing and windsurfing, water skiing and on its banks are also various beaches.

Around the lake there are also many typical inns and cottages that serve local specialties.



Golf Courses


The golf courses are a great way to complete the visit of Castel Gandolfo. The courses in this area is an activity known fact around in Castel Gandolfo are equipped camps at the various country clubs where you can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

One of the best golf courses in the area offers discounted rates for customers of the Hotel.

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